Lola-Bo Calm Balm
Lola-Bo Calm BalmLola-Bo Calm BalmLola-Bo Calm Balm

Lola-Bo Calm Balm

Our Price:  £3.00

Brand:  Lola-Bo

Looking for a product to calm your anxious dog? One which is also natural and lick safe?
We have the perfect solution!
Lola-Bos Calm Balm is a unique product using a blend of 100% natural essential oils and base product.
Lola-Bos Calm balm helps to comfort, calm and relax reactive, fearful and anxious dogs.

Great for
Car Trips
Separation anxiety
New people/pets

Our balms are all lick safe meaning they can be used directly on your pet. We recommend allowing your dog to sniff the calm balm and reward them, so they understand that it is not something to be worried about.
After this you can simply rub the balm to get a little on your finger and gently massage it into your pets paws and behind their ears. If you have purchased the tubes, you can apply it directly from this if preferred.
Alternatively, you can rub a little of our balm onto your dogs bedding, favourite toy or a comforter.

Lavender the ultimate essential oil for sleep, relaxation and general feel-good vibes.
Cedarwood Great for helping with sleep and also an active ingredient in many flea/ticks products
We use our Paw & Nose balm ingredients for our base of this product. The reason behind this is it has all the carrier oils needed for essential oils and is great for massaging into your pets skin.

Key Points
Calms Anxious Pets
Lick Safe
100% Natural
Handmade, with love, in the UK

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